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The Brief

Aspey were approached by Mr J as he needed to include green energy within his plans for a modern flat-roofed new build property. His architect had contacted us to look the best solutions.

The Process

From looking at the architects drawings we could calculate how many panels we could install on of the small roofs. Firstly and most importantly, we contacted the flat roof membrane manufacturer to check it was possible to install a PV system without violating roofing membrane warranty. We calculated the potential yields we could achieve from the design and supplied the architects with the weight of the system so the structural engineer could check the loadings.

The solution

As the roofs were so small, we chose to install a larger output PV panel to maximise output from the system. We chose a panel manufacturer with good longevity and performance plus long warranties. Mr J was keen to have a flat roof system that looked suitable for such a modern looking building.

The result was a 5 KW system using the latest inverter technology from Solar Edge to harness as much energy from an South West roof orientation.

Client verdict

Mr J was very happy with look of this discreet solar pv system, as it is not visible from the ground and will be supplying the house and electric car with power for many years to come.

The project came in on budget with 9 years to recover initial costs. With a 25 year warranty on all equipment he felt it was a good investment, and he is, most importantly,  reducing its carbon footprint.

Our verdict

Matt says: “We designed a 5 KW flat roof System using the latest technology from Solar Edge to harness as much energy from such a small roof. The installation met the roofing manufacturers warranty requirements should give many years of trouble free generation for the house and EV charging.”

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